Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News to Me

Apparently I'm "menacing looking," at least according to this USA Today editorial. Me menacing looking? Thanks for the laugh USA Today. I mean hell, Breda's a tiny little thing, but at least she's got the Deathstare in her arsenal. I've got nuthin'.

If people with hidden guns are "menacing looking" then what does that make folks who open carry?

As usual we see the mainstream media continuing a neverending campaign to vilify gun owners. What's new?

h/t to Alphecca


NotClauswitz said...

How can anything that's hidden be "menacing looking?" That's just retarded.

Mike W. said...

Well I think he's saying that WE are "menacing looking" so I guess the hidden gun uses it's mind control waves to turn us into menacing looking monsters.

And yeah, retarded pretty much sums up that whole damn editorial.

Anonymous said...

"Nor is there much sense in forcing urban police officers to make instant decisions on the legitimacy of pieces of paper handed to them by menacing looking people packing heat."

Without the BS fear of guns would read

"Nor is there much sense in police officers to make decisions on the legitimacy of pieces of paper handed to them by people."

kaveman said...

I'm menacing looking as well???

Look, just because I walk around with a scarf made out of dead kittens and nothing more than a cod piece made out of the skin of a nun, I don't want to look menacing.

I shall now go and flog myself.

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Oooooo, we're scaaaaaaary! Oooooo! LOL! I'm sorry to hear about your 'menacing looking' status. You look like a pretty normal dude to me. I would prefer people to be armed (with weapons and the skill and judgment to properly use them) if I'm going to be around them.