Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deal Alert - Car Nuts

Tire Rack is having a closeout sale on Hankook RS-2's. I just picked up a set to be put on the Mazda in April.

I should probably talk my grandpa into buying some rears for his Mustang GT. Max performance summer tires are huge overkill for him, but his current tires are summers and are almost shot. I don't believe in putting all-season tires on a sportscar that will never be driven in winter. I don't think he can do much better than $81 per tire shipped for 245/45/17's, summers or all-season's. That said, my poppop usually buys the cheapest used tires he can find for his cars, a practice I consider terribly unsafe.


Weer'd Beard said...

USED tires??

How exactly do they manage that?

It's gotta be junkyard salvage (Sorry I don't want ANY safety features off a car that is now dead, be they breaks, seat belts, airbags, or tires)

Otherwise everybody I know rides on them until they're bald or damaged, then buys some more.

Maybe Dealer trade-in tires.

Still I'd prefer to keep track of how many miles are on my sneakers.

My last set lasted me 75K miles!

Mike W. said...

Weer'd - Yes, by used I mean junkyard salvage. I've seen tires on his cars that are so old & brittle the sidewalls are cracking like crazy. Even with good tread left that is downright unsafe. Helps explain why I did two 360's in the rain in the Fiero.

My 1st car, the 86 Fiero that my poppop built, was assembled almost entirely from junkyard salvage parts, which explains why the thing was so unsafe and a total heap of junk.

75K?! Whew, well you surely won't get that from a set of these Hankooks. I got ~25K out of my stock Michelin MXV4's on the Mazda.

I honestly wasn't great about rotating them, I drive twisties everyday, and just generally ragged on them hard. I could probably have gotten another 5K out of em, but they sucked so bad I needed to get them off.

I think it's just how/where I drive. I've never had tires last me past ~30K and have toasted front brakes on 2 different cars in 19.5K and 25K respectively.

I'll be happy with ~20-25K out of these RS-2's, and I will absolutely be good about rotations. Of course I don't yet have wheels to put them on. I'm dropping down to 16" Rota Slipstreams for weight savings and cost.

Weer'd Beard said...

Yeah well my sneakers are all condition truck tires. The tread is insanely deep, so even with the wear bars poking through the tread is still deeper than most sport tires on the rack.

Yikes on the cracked sidewalls! That IS dangerous! I had some dick cut me off in traffic, causing me to clip the curb to avoid getting smashed. Put a gouge into the sidewall. I bit the bullet and paid the dough for a new sneaker. god forbid that little scape lets go on the highway!

Laura said...

jeeze, those are cheaper than the Falkens i usually buy.

hmm. might take advantage of it.