Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FTC Rules

A quick look at the new FTC rules for bloggers has me thinking the Feds are completely insane. I hope they don't expect a disclosure statement each and every time a blogger mentions / reviews a product.

Let's say I get a free sample of cologne at the mall, I come home and mention here that it smells like donkey ass. Could I be fined for failing to disclose that I got the cologne for free rather than paid for it myself?

Hell, I did a review of Comp-Tac's MTAC holster on this site and mentioned that they also sent me a package of smarties candy for free. Had I failed to mention that then I would have reviewed their product without disclosing that they sent me free stuff, which come Dec. 1 would be a no-no.

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Linoge said...

Something tells me this new ruling will stand until the FTC has a list of a thousand or so weblogs due for prosecution, and then someone will go, "WTF, mate?"

That, or the FTC will start repeatedly having its arse handed to it in court, in which case it will graciously retire from the field of battle...