Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pictures From The Rira Shindig

I didn't take any pictures at Breda's shindig at Rira's. I had my camera but didn't even think to pull it out.

Thankfully Chris has a good recap of the event and tons of pictures, including some of yours truly. Be careful though, viewing pictures of me in the wild has been known to cause temporary blindness. (I'm not photogenic like Breda)

I've been reading Chris's blog for a while now, but had neglected to add him to the blogroll. That's now been fixed. In fact, I'm sure there are others who fit into that category, so I'll try to fix any glaring omissions when I run through everyone I met and add them to the blogroll. Still, I'll probably miss some folks, so if I miss you please feel free to send me an e-mail and chew my ass out.


Laura said...

You're really making me wish I went this year.

Mike W. said...

I wish you'd come too.