Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bersa / Firestorm .22's

Over at Breda's most recent range report post Jeff made a comment about the .22lr version of the Bersa Thunder 380's.

I did a quick search of gunbroker and was shocked! I searched for months to find my Firestorm FS22 before finally finding a used one on gunbroker. Now there are a bunch of brand new ones for sale.

I still think they are a great buy for anyone with a Thunder .380 looking for cheap practice. Hell, they're cheap, reliable, ergonomic, and a breeze to field strip which makes them a perfect little plinker for anyone as far as I'm concerned.


falnfenix said...

The .22 Thunder/Firestorm is on the back burner for me, but I do plan to pick one up. I'm kindof torn between that and an airsoft replica I can shoot in the basement. The replica would cost a LOT less, wouldn't require a range fee to shoot, and ammo is readily available online and at various stores with sporting good departments. Generally, airsoft replicas are pretty could make for a decent training tool to help deal with recoil issues in my brain, at least.

Henry Whitley said...

BERSA 380 CC: BEWARE !!! FYI. Here is my unfortunate experience! I purchased a new satin nickel finish 380 CC for $309.95 on 9/4/10 from an authorized Bersa dealer near my home. The 1st & 2nd trips to the range produced numerous failures to fire using different ammo’s. On 9/28/10 I returned the gun to the dealer & recited the problem. Was instructed to take the gun to a Bersa warranty repair center ( in my case Gander Mountain). GM shipped the gun to their warranty repair center in Kenosha, WI. The gun was returned to me as repaired on 10-4-10. Back to the range & again numerous failures to fire. Returned the gun to local the GM on 10-12-10 who again returned the gun to their Kenosha warranty center. Gun returned to me on 11-30-10. Back to the range again and again numerous failures to fire. On 12-07-10 I returned the weapon to GM & after some discussion was told they would not replace the gun as I had not purchased it from them. Was told to go the dealer where I bought the gun so I did as instructed & was told by the dealer to send it back to Bersa and request replacement. They could not do anything to help as it was up to Bersa! Yes, it does sounds like, & it was, the classic run-around! So off to the telephone & a call to Eagle Imports where I explained the gun’s history & my frustration, all to a deaf ear as their replacement policy was that two (2) of their warranty centers must recommend replacement. Okay, I am at your mercy so lets do it Bersa’s way! I used Bersa’s prepaid UPS shipping label to send the gun to a 2nd warranty center, Reynerson’s Gunsmith Service, on 1-11-11. Received a telephone call on 1-14-11, from Nick at Reynerson’s stating that the gun would be replaced. Hooray!! Hooray!! Well, it’s now May 20,2011, some 8 mos + after purchasing the gun, and I’m still waiting for the replacement. So much for Bersa’s warranty!!! After 8 mos + its only an empty piece of paper. Oh, by the way, I gave up and purchased another gun. Did I buy another Bersa – no way! Think twice about buying a Bersa 380 CC or any other Bersa product because if you buy a problem as I did, you may have the same problem.