Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Damn Hoarders!

You hoarders are all driving up the price of bacon! Go buy some .380 ACP or something and leave my bacon alone! What's next, a 200% increase in the price of Guinness?

Also, sorry for the lack of posting. I was at the beach and didn't have the foresight to throw up some scheduled posts.

H/T to uncle

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Bob S. said...

Dude, I might loan, heck even give away a box of .380ACP but we anywhere near good enough friends for me to give up bacon :)

I'm mean, that is why we hoard ammo and bitterly cling to our guns -- so we can protect our bacon.

I normally buy bacon through a Scout Troop fund raiser -- great prices, supports a good cause and we can get 3# and 5# for cheap.