Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gunnie Sex Toys?

The Butt Rogers Uranium Pistol. Boy, this brings new meaning to the words "she was struck with the butt of a pistol."

The disclaimer reads,

"This product is a novelty item and is not intended to be used as a weapon or to violate any laws in your place of residence."

I guess that means it's not a weapon of mass destruction nor an "assault weapon"

As we're quick to point out with guns, they're just inanimate objects. What happens with them all depends on the intent of the user. I think that applies here.

I could see this causing quite the conundrum in Massachusetts . Perhaps they haven't banned it yet or there's a smaller "Mass-Compliant" model.

I stumbled upon this via links on two gun bloggers sidebars / twitter feeds. They shall remain unnamed. I might be the butt of a few jokes amongst the GBC crowd for posting this. Obviously the link is not safe for work.

They also offer concealed carry pieces with quick & easy take down for cleaning. Very Sig-like. Carry cocked & locked if you like, but make sure you keep them hidden ladies. Also, remember, open carry hurts the cause and you wouldn't want to scare the sheep.


Dave said...

Looks Klingon :-)

NotClauswitz said...

Steamy Steampunk? Yow!

Linoge said...

... Well, those are... interesting.

Should be trigger-actuated, though.

Sabra said...

Y'know, your blog is one of two I saw this on yesterday. Skippy's List also had a link to a site with zombie sex toys, though, so I think he wins.

Glenn B said...