Monday, September 20, 2010

No Crap!

Babysitting went by without a hitch and to my delight I avoided any diaper changes.* In talking with Snarky I mentioned that in 12 years (13?) and 5 nephews I've never changed a diaper. She assured me that this meant a fun filled Saturday with at least one exploding diaper. Murphy never made an appearance. She was wrong. Ha!

It's amazing the endless enjoyment little boys get from using Uncle Mike as a human wrestling matt / punching bag and giving me playdoh mustaches. The Iphone fart app was a hit as usual. Also, Madagascar really isn't too bad for a kids movie.

The great thing about being an Uncle is you get to do all of the fun stuff and then send em' back home, even if that is a little difficult at times. The 2 year old wrapped himself around me and had to be pryed off. I must've spent 15 minutes getting hugs & kisses and running around to each side of the car to say goodbye. You'd think these guys saw me once a year or something.

*I still have memories of my oldest nephews crappy diaper. I didn't think anything so disgusting smelling could come out of something so small.


Sarah said...

One thing I don't miss about my sibs and me being little'uns is helping with their diapers. Oh. My. Goodness. There were a few times when I asked Mom for a gas mask. Why she wouldn't buy me one is still beyond me because, seriously, she smelled those dirty bombs too!

Broken Andy said...

As a father of two, one a girl and the other a human wrecking machine, I've always thought the diapers were the easiest thing to deal with as long as there was never any loss of containment. Given sleepless nights, teething, and unexplainable fevers, coughs, and rashes, the miracle of modern absorbent diapers and healthy doses of diaper creme make that part of raising infants and toddlers seem easy in comparison.

Weer'd Beard said...

Worked in a Daycare in Highschool. Thankfully was NEVER placed on Diaper detail (Tho I have changed a few when babysitting). Still I remember helping out in that room when one of the girls filled her breeches.

OMG! Seriously after a night of eating Mexican food and drinking PBR I couldn't make a load of that size or stench! And scary enough, she did it again like 4 hours later!!!

Unknown said...

"as long as there was never any loss of containment."

Right on. It only really gets bad when it comes out the top and sides!

Epsilon Given said...

A couple of years ago, my oldest fell sick, and had a couple of days of straight mother's milk (up to this point, she tended to be a good solid-food eater).

In the middle of the night, we heard a major shriek from across our home (we lived in a trailer at the time, and slept at opposite ends). As my wife walked out the door of our bedroom, she immediately smelled the stench. We found my daughter covered neck-to-toe with milk poop. Yuck.