Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blast from the past

So I found this old picture via Thirdpower from the Phoenix NRA Con 2009. It's pretty representative of the face you'll see in any pics taken of me in Pittsburgh this year. That is, unless someone manages to catch a shot of my goofy mug while I'm unaware a picture is being taken. I mean hell, if you only knew me through pictures you'd think I was some super serious dude. Me serious? Seriously? It's also a good reminder of how much I hate Hooters. The food is downright awful and the eye candy is usually not good enough to offset the poor experience of actually going to Hooters.


Laura said...

new goal: snap a pic of you WIF A BOX ON YO HEAD.

i'mma bring a box for the occasion. might not be a beer box, but it will most certainly be made of cardboard.

Mike W. said...

I will cut a hole in it so I can stick my tongue out at you missy :P

That's actually a good idea. BOX ON YO HEAD hides my ugly mug ;) I dunno though, last time I had a BOX ON YO HEAD picture taken I was pretty drunk.

danno said...

The company made up for the venue. ('tis my mug in the middle)

Eric R. Shelton said...

You should have hit the pizza joint that I did with Arizona Rifleman and Found, One Troll. I've made the trip to go back there a couple times since!

Laura said...

Mike, do you seriously expect us to stay sober all weekend? Consider who you're staying with (namely, the cocktail fiend), then answer. ;)

Mike W. said...

Laura - C'mon, you do know I'm bringing some Dogfish with me right?

Danno - I agree. Didn't tag you since I wasn't sure if you were OK with your pic being linked.

Eric - Sorry I missed that.