Friday, April 29, 2011

Gun folks are good people

This is my fourth NRA Convention in as many years and every year it seems like things happen to remind me that the gunblogging community is full of great people.

Two years ago in Phoenix I was lucky enough to be invited to a party with a bunch of NRA big wigs and got to meet John Sigler, a Delawarean who also happens to be a former President of the NRA.  My dress shirt had been bunched into a ball and was horrendously wrinkled.  Bitter & Sebastian invited me and Bitter came to my rescue at the last moment with a steamer and an iron so I'd actually look presentable.

2. Last year in Charlotte a whole group of us ate at a soul food place.  Whatever was in that crap tore my stomach up something fierce.  I was in so much pain I couldn't converse and could hardly walk down the street.  Thankfully Breda came through like an angel with some Pepto and I was at least able to walk back to the hotel. * I remembered to pack the pepto this year!

3. As most of you know I've been computerless lately.  Not only did Laura offer to try and fix my EeePC, but Scott of Macbourne's Musings e-mailed me almost immediately after my post and brought a spare laptop to Pittsburgh so I'd have something to blog on this weekend. It turns out Laura had a spare Dell for me to use, but it was nice to know my fellow bloggers had me covered! Mike of Mike's Spot also offered me free anti-virus software.

Apparently we're not all mean, rude, neanderthals!  Inconceivable!

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Scott McCray said...

Any time, bro - hope to see you tomorrow!