Monday, April 25, 2011

Gunbloggy get-together

So word has it there's going to be a gunblogger meetup happening in a couple of days out in Pittsburgh.  You'll have the chance to meet all the cool kids and perhaps even a few internet celebrities.  Oh, and you'll get to meet me too, so there's that.

Oh yeah, and the NRA will also be holding a convention with so many guns it'll make Sarah Brady cry enough to fill swimming pools.

So, am I going to see you in Pittsburgh come Thursday?


Bob S. said...

I'm surprised that cities which have hosted the NRA conventions are still around.

With all the "more guns = more death, injury, destruction, imploding suns and end of the world" issues, surely a miniature blackhole has swallowed up each host city, right?

I'm envious of those being able to attend the NRA conventions -- sounds like a great time and even better people being there.

Maybe one of these years I'll make it.

Tom / MyGunCulture said...

Yep! I'll be there. You referring to the Sat night gunbloggy meetup? Looking forward to saying hello in actual person...

Scott McCray said...

Absolutely! See ya then!

Laura said...

i think you'll be sick of seeing me by Monday. :P