Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh boy! Protesters!

Last year the anti-gunners had a sad little protest outside of the Convention center.  It looks like they're going to organize another one this year.  Hey, maybe they'll manage to scrape together 50 people this year.  The gun control crowd has such great grassroots support!

It should be a sad little spectacle I can point & laugh at just like last year.  OK, pointing & laughing would be rude, but that's what I'll be doing in my mind at least.

H/T to Sebastian


Anonymous said...

Pointing and laughing would be downright polite compared to, say, calling them bad parents and threatening to call CPS on them because they don't give in to temper tantrums. (If I really wanted to go to the extreme, I'd advocate calling CPS on them anyway because they don't give a shit enough about their children's welfare to protect them with deadly force if necessary.

Nancy R. said...

Sweet Daughter and I will be there if possible.

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