Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hey Obama! That ship has sailed!

The Obama campaign is selling T-shirts with his birth certificate printed on the back, presumably to counter the whole "Birther" movement.

This is beyond stupid.  First off, Obama already lacks all credibility on a whole host of issues, like say, everything he campaigned on.  Second, not only is he an arrogant, contemptible, pussified asshat, he's also lied to just about everyone.  Does he really think a damn T-shirt is going to make people, birthers in particular, believe him?


Timmeehh said...

How about making a t-shirt with BHO'S birth certificate on it, with the word FORGERY superimposed on it?

elmo iscariot said...

Oh, it isn't about countering anything. It's a shibboleth for his hardcore cult-of-personality supporters. Now that people aren't really talking about the birthers, this is a way to give his own sad, fixated supporters one last chance to say "hurhurr birthers, amirite?" ;)