Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Disarm the cops

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Minnesota is pushing a bill that would remove the onus on homeowners should they be in the unfortunate situtation where they have to shoot someone breaking into their homes.  The usual suspects are trotting out the usual unsubstantiated crap about "shoot first" laws and how dangerous the law change would be.  All the law does it make sure that the legal system does not burden the homeowner should he have to use force to defend his home in self-defense.  It's not a "shoot first" law nor a "license to murder" no matter how much the lying anti-gunners claim it is.  If someone breaks into your home they're not their to sit down and have milk & cookies.

Minnesota Police Chief Tim Dolan is parrotting anti-gun talking points.  He opened his mouth and spewed forth a steady stream of crap  This kind of crap has been spewed by Police Chiefs and anti-gunners nationwide anytime gun laws are eased or carry is made easier.  Each and everytime their fearmongering is shown to be without merit.  None of what they whine about ever happens, however crime does go down.

To quote Chief Dolan,

"The presumption that someone who carries a gun is safer is false. A study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine* found that those without guns are four times safer than those with guns when confronted by an armed assailant......Please do not be naïve about guns. If you are extremely not well trained and capable of retraining a weapon while under physical assault, you are much more likely to be shot or killed by the very gun you carry."

Ok Chief Dolan, if those without guns are 4 times safer when confronted by an armed assailant than those with guns, then I expect you to direct all members of the Minnesota Police Department to turn in their guns immediately.   I mean, since you obviously believe carrying a gun makes a person less safe than being unarmed.  We all know that "study" is bunk. Also, he's talking about carry outside of the home, which is completely irrelevant to the Castle Doctrine law.

As usual we see anti-gunners in positions of authority spouting bullshit fearmongering that isn't backed up by facts or reality.  I wonder, what would Chief Dolan do if some degenerate broke into his home at 2AM one night?  Somehow I think he might have his duty pistol on him in such an event.

*Upenn is on the Joyce Foundation payroll, so it goes without saying that any "study" they do is going to be anti-gun

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