Monday, June 13, 2011

Why I like Sarah Palin

Aside from the fact that she gets the liberal media's panties in a bunch no matter what she does or says, I like her because she regularly hands them their asses when they get all high & mighty and try to call her "stupid."

Every liberal in the world made fun of Sarah Palin's Paul Revere statements last week.  Turns out she was right.  This happens fairly often with Palin, since the media is more interested in smearing her by any means necessary than they are checking to see if they're accurate.  Then again they are Liberals.  When have facts, historical accuracy or truth in reporting ever mattered to the Left?

Even better, the media salivates over Palin's e-mails, yet even they have to begrudgingly admit that she was an engaged, competent Governor who actually did her job!  And Palin distrustful of the media?  Say it ain't so!  This was the media who attacked her personally, was openly mysogynistic, attacked her family at every chance, consistently called her stupid, while repeating bullshit that she never said like "I can see Russia from my house."  Boy!  I can't imagine why Palin might distrust them!

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NotClauswitz said...

The Media pwnd themselves over her, they trip over her like gangly 8th Graders and fall down in fits on the floor.