Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Exploiting tragedy

Right on cue the liberal moonbats here in Delaware are blooddancing in the wake of the Norwegian tragedy and conjuring up the "right-wing extremist / terrorist" boogeyman.  It's good for a laugh.  They want SO badly for that boogeyman to be real, they thirst for bloodshed that would confirm their beliefs.

And of course American Tea party or even Libertarian "right wing extremists" simply havent been violent nor have they committed acts of terrorism, no matter how badly folks like Jason or the rest of the Liberals and liberal MSM wishes they were.  It is, of course, projection.  It is the left who are violent.  It is the left who calls for the death of their political opponents.  They're simply ascribing their own words and beliefs upon those they see as the "enemy."  It's what the left does.

I feel for the Norwegian people, I really do.  That said, the truth remains.  People who want to kill will find a way, no matter what the gun laws are.  It can happen anywhere.  Even in a homogenous, generally non-violent culture there will be evil men.  If those evil men intend to kill innocent people they will find a way and will only be stopped by force.  It's an inconvenient truth, but a truth nonetheless.

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DirtCrashr said...

Why doesn't Rage Against The Machine get any credit here? He hated the EU Machine and political correctnesss that was tearing his country apart and in the fine Olde Norwegian tradition he went Berserk - a form of rage-fighting that they seem to espouse?