Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Klutz and a gun

I'm at Purebread Deli over the weekend, grabbing a bite to eat with my sister because it is just too damn hot to go shooting as I'd planned, and I'm open carrying the 1911 in its Talon rig.  As usual no one ran out of the store like a headless chicken screaming "HE'S GOT A GUN!"  Anyway, I go to refill both of our soda's, fill mine, put it to my right, fill my sis's, put it to my left, and then promptly turn and proceed to elbow the soda all over the floor, counter, and my 1911.

I think I was about a million times more worried about the fact that, "oh my god, people just saw me do that, what a dumbass!" than I was about the fact that I am now standing in the store patting down myself and my carry rig with a rag.  No, neither the lady who brought me a rag nor the other two store employees said anything about the gun.  People rarely do and that's fine by me.

Why am I writing this?  Because I thought my embarrassment might amuse you.


Weer'd Beard said...

Nice thing about stainless 1911s just strip them and drop them in the sink. Then dry well, and lube!

Dunno about cleaning the leather, but stainless is SOOO EASY!

Ian Argent said...

My wide refuses to let me put firearm components in the dishwasher. (In my case, tactical tupperware bits).

WV: oomyto - that story could apply to me, if I could carry, I suppose

Bob S. said...

I refuse to believe you didn't kill everyone in the store to cover up your embarrassment.

I am sure I'll read about the massacre in tomorrow's paper - everyone knows gun owners, especially those that carry in public are just waiting to snap.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Thank God your Back up Piece didn't get Soaked!

Uh, you do carry a Back up, "Just in Case", right?

Dragon said...

You spilled soda all over the Talon?


You gotta let me know how the finish holds up! Did the holster get soaked all the way through, or just drank up a wee bit?

Let it dry out well (on a sunny windowsill usually does the trick) and test the fit. If it doesn't seem right, send it on back and I'll see what I can do to restore the fit properly.

Mike W. said...

Dennis - I wiped it down, patted it dry then let it sit in the sun. As far as I can tell no ill effects.