Saturday, August 6, 2011

Carry your gun!

People sometimes wonder why I carry when visiting my sister in Philly.  Philly is not safe, especially when you add attacks like this into the mix.  These mob attacks are becoming more and more prevalent in the city, proving once again that people and culture are the problem, not guns.

Imagine you're just walking along on a sunny Saturday afternoon and a group of teens walking by you decide, for no apparent reason, to start happily beating the shit out of you.  Why?  Because they can and it's fun. 

One of this man's attackers even had the gall to say to him "It's not our fault you don't know how to fight!"    Do you think he'd be saying that if he or one of his buddies had just taken a round to the chest?  I doubt it.

When a group of 20-40 young people, some as young as 11, are beating middle aged white guys unconscious just for kicks you have a serious violence problem that no amount of gun control will solve.  These victims got off lucky.  18 year old Carter Strange was nearly killed during a beating by a group of "ethnic" youths ranging in age from 13 to 19.

By the way folks, carry more ammo.  You've already gone through the hassle of strapping on a gun, so it's really not that much of a burden to throw an extra mag or two in your pocket before heading out.  I usually carry one spare mag if I'm carrying a double stack pistol or two spares if it's a single stack.  Maybe I should up that by one.


Phillip said...

I've found more than about 40 rounds starts causing my pants to fall down, even with a really good belt.

Plus, it's heavy. I went to my doctor one day and was wearing shorts instead of the type of pants I normally wear. This caused me to carry a backpack with my carry pistol in it. The nurse weighs me and starts in with the questions, what happened, am I eating all right, have I noticed any of these symptoms, yada yada yada... Finally I told her that I wasn't carrying the things that normally up my weight on their scale by ten pounds. :-D Nowadays they just ask me what I weigh at home and if I've seen any changes.

45er said...

Double stack, 1 mag, single stack, 2 mags. Also, since you're going to Philly you should be prepared for morons that randomly shoot at buses. If you haven't seen that vid, it's worth a look. There was a good 20 seconds at the beginning where someone with a gun could have ended that before it started.

Anonymous said...

This is why I recently bought a 'pocket gun', for those times when carrying the 1911 would be too obvious.

Glenn B said...

With mobs, that are threatening your life or limbs, you had better also be prepared to put to use any practical training you have received in weapons retention and close in shooting. You also had be well prepared in how you will justify shooting an unarmed assailant. I am not saying you would not be justified if they were beating you but that you had best know how to justifiably explain why you shot the particular guy(s) you shot.

Be carefu out there.

All the best,
Glenn B

Jeff L. said...

I carry 3 seventeen round mags for my Glock, plus one in the pipe. A six round mag in a Sig P238 with one in the pipe. A total of 59 rounds, daily.

Might I suggest an Uncle Mike's belt. Works great for me.

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

I usually carry one spare mag if I'm carrying a double stack pistol or two spares if it's a single stack. Maybe I should up that by one.

You're thinking about going triple stack ;-).

Sorry--I'm in the mood to be a dumbass trying to be a smartass.