Friday, August 19, 2011

Quote of the day - "Borrowing"

"Copying and pasting an entire 10-paragraph post is “borrowing” content like that guy in the ski mask with a 9mm is “borrowing” your car, or like the kid sitting next to you in math class was “borrowing” your answers."

- Tam -commenting at PDB's

Look, you can defend it all you want, but in the end copy & pasting someone's entire blogpost without their permission is stealing, regardless of whether you say "Hey, I got it from here."  Quoting part of a post, commenting on it and linking back is one thing.  Ganking the whole damn post for your own gain is quite another.

Of course if you could write like Tam then you wouldn't need to steal other people's posts, now would you?

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Bubblehead Les. said...

If I could write like Tam, then I'd be Rich and Famous and Sooper Kool and .....and then I woke up.

Seriously, I think this guy is at least, a fool for allowing those Anti-Gunners Aid and Comfort, and at the Worst, he's a Front Man for the Disinformation War against the RKBA. Think about it. If one is new and goes to look up info about Guns and hits his Site, I know that he'll be dissuaded from using the RKBA. Why? Because he treats at least 2 Anti-Gun Trolls with the Dignity one would give an "Elder of the Tribe", and he DOESN'T Disagree with them. I read their comments.

Plus, he's a Thief, and if someone had some Big Bucks and could take him to court over "Theft of Intellectual Property"....