Thursday, August 11, 2011

The sad state of the UK

With violence, riots and looting all over England, the UK's productive class are reduced to defending themselves and their property by employing human barracades, makeshift weapons, and tools.  Here in America, where people have rights and guns, we do things differently.

My dad was living in the city of Wilmington during the 1960's race riots.  He told me that those shops that didn't get looted were the ones where owners stood guard out front and on rooftops with rifles and pistols.  The UK's non-parasitic class doesn't have that choice.  They have chosen to deny themselves the right to self-defense, thinking it would create a "civilized society."  As Ayn Rand often noted, it created quite the opposite.  We are seeing the reality of that right now.

Ultimately, UK subjects did this to themselves.  Liberalism and their burgeoning Welfare State cracked, as all such "progressive" societies ultimately do.  As Margaret Thatcher warned back in 1976 at some point you run out of other people's money.  At some point there are enough parasites that they start to kill the host.  When the government realizes they must take measures to scale back the parasitic behavior to avoid collapse some of the parasites lash out in violence.

UK subjects have relinquished their right to self-defense and defense of property as well as their right to own the tools necessary for that defense.  Now business owners are dismayed and reality is biting them in the ass as they watch their businesses be destroyed by thugs. The police, the very people they trusted for protection stand by and watch it all burn.  Cops in L.A. did the same thing in 1992, but armed shopowners came together and defended their communities.  In the aftermath people woke up and started buying guns, realizing the police wouldn't or couldn't protect them.  Those in the UK have no such option. I wonder if they even have the individualistic, self-reliant mindset to take that option if it were avaliable to them? The community is at the mercy of the mobs and entirely dependent upon the State for protection.  The State, predictably, has failed them.

I wish that these tragic events would make UK subjects wake up and realize that they are responsible for their own safety, but I fear that ship has sailed.  Once you have relinquished your rights, once you've given up your guns, the government won't give them back.  No, the events all over the UK will be used as a reason for even more government control and less individual liberty.

Update - Oh lookie!  I wrote this yesterday.  Now today Roberta points out that I was right in my prediction above.  The UK government is already looking at cracking down on individual liberties by restricting access to social media.  They're also instituting a ban on masks, which no doubt will work as well as their ban on guns and knives.

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