Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear violent lefties

Some violent lefty is gleefully chirping about rounding up "tea-party types" to send them to re-education camps.  It's funny, the history of the "progressive" left is rife with examples of their doing exactly that.  The "Left" has been responsible for more imprisonment, "re-education" and extermination of those who didn't share their utopian ideals than any other group in world history.

Members of the American left spew hatred and vitriol at those who refuse their worldview.  They denigrate us, attack us, belittle us, and when you look at their endgame their view is obvious.  They see us as a threat* that must be dealt with.

*And trust me collectivists, we sure as heck are a threat.  We have guns and are willing to defend ourselves.

But hey, this guy is an improvement over the violent, raving, moonbat liberals in my state.  At least he just wants us rounded up and "reeducated" instead of "round up and shot."  Still, the overall content of both his article and the one linked in the preceeding sentence are essentially the same.  They generally don't say it publicly, but this IS the left.  It always has been and always will be.  Their utopian, "progressive" vision necessitates such hatred and brutality, as history has so aptly shown us time and time again.


Tango Juliet said...

My favorite local Lefty is perhaps the most hateful and nasty individual I know.

No better, and more likely worse, than those he attempts to vilify.

Weer'd Beard said...

Round out the Tea Partiers?

Why I carry a gun for JUST such an occasion!


And you wonder why they hate gun ownership. It cramps all their best ideas!

Bubblehead Les. said...

I lived for a month in the Summer of '74 behind the Iron Curtain (visiting Relatives in Hungary). Anyone who advocates Re-Education Camps is, as my Military Oath says "...ALL Enemies, both Foreign and DOMESTIC..."
If any of those Slugs try to get to fulfill their Commie Wet Dreams for Real, they will run up against My Philosophy: No. Not Happening.

Mike W. said...

"And you wonder why they hate gun ownership. It cramps all their best ideas!"

Yup. When your utopia involves government forcing people to do what YOU think they should "for their own good" a gun is the ultimate threat to that utopia.

Hard to force people to be good little collectivists when they retain the ability to kill your ass if need be.