Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A local blogger points out an Op-Ed from a lady in the town where I grew up.  Pat Englehardt is whining because people just won't respect poor old Obama.

Respect Obama?  You mean the way Liberals "respected" President Bush for 8 years?  Look, I've leveled some blunt criticism at Obama on this blog over the years.  That said, the things I've uttered pale in comparison to things I've heard the left, including the left here in Delaware, say about President Bush, Conservatives, or god forbid Sarah Palin.  I mean you haven't seen me cheering and happy because a Democrat got brain cancer.  Hell, I even had a family member say Bush was as bad as Hitler.  No joke!

Obama has damn well earned criticism and I'm quite certain I have the right to say what I think of the man and his policies, even if that results in you getting your panties in a bunch Mrs. Englehardt.

I consider Obama to be a rude, contemptible, arrogant, narcissistic, pompous asshat who is in way over his head, loathes capitalism, and fails to respect my Constitutional rights.

This is America.  I can criticize the President and his policies all I want.  I wonder if it upsets Englehardt when people refer to now ex-President Bush as simply "Bush" or if she's only upset because some people are now omitting the "President" title when referencing "Obama?"

I'll leave you with her last bit.

He's not a "hail-fellow well-met" like President Bush; he is a thinking, intelligent planner who is heads above the common man, and does not say anything without thinking it through and meaning what he says.

Right, so a woman who has devoted an entire article to complaining about lack of respect for Obama concludes her Op-Ed by insulting Bush and exalting the wonders of the oh so intelligent Obama.  I mean hell, Obama is just SO much smarter than "common men" like you or I, or that idiot George W. Bush.....  With hypocrisy like that she's got to be a Lefty.
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Also, you really should read Hube.  He posts good stuff.


Tango Juliet said...

The "new era of civility" is simply an attempt to silence the critics of collectivism.

Linoge said...

So that is why Our Glorious President falls apart every time he has to talk without his teleprompter to hold his hand? Because he is "thinking it through"?

That would certainly explain the smoke...