Friday, October 7, 2011

Find your place at the back of the bus

How nice to see the Leftist Occupy Wall Street protestors being openly sexist and racist.  You're a white man, eh?  Move your ass to the back of the bus.....err line.

I guess to Liberals some animals are more equal than others, and the pigmentation of one's skin is more important than what he might have to say.  Ah, the open, tolerant, progressive Left, making decisions and judging people based on character rather than immutable, inherent characteristics. Clearly we've transcended race, just like all these liberal Obama supporters told us we would!  Dr. King would be so proud!....

Imagine the uproar in the MSM if white men were deliberately given speaking preference over women & racial minorites at Tea Party rally.  If that would be unacceptable then why not this?  Why the double standard?

H/T to Breda

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