Monday, October 31, 2011

How's that gun free zone working out for ya?

A 15 year old Middletown High School student was arrested for carrying 3 large knives in her backpack.  She apparently told the school psychologist she wanted to hurt another student, removed the knives from her bookbag for a school administrator, and promptly walked out the school, knife in hand.

Gun, knife, bomb, etc. etc. it doesn't matter.  This is exactly how well "weapon-free zones" work in reality.  They don't.  If she had decided she did want to stab the student she'd had a confrontation with he/she would be dead.  If she'd decided to bring a gun and shoot up a classroom kids would be dead.

Only two things stopped her from harming others.  Her own intentions and later the use of force by a SRO.  Gun / knife control didn't stop her.  It doesn't work and never has.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Yet, she was so Dangerous that a Cop had to be called in AFTER the Assistant Principal and the School Shrink LET HER LOOSE to roam the Grounds with the Knife in her hand. But after being Tazed, Arrested and Booked, she was RELEASED on BAIL!

So a Nutjob was allowed to roam Free through the Hallways for, 1,2,5 minutes while the Adults cowered in the Office? And now she's roaming the Streets? Gee, 10 bucks, the local Wally World, cheap set of Steak Knives, hey, she can be back it in no time at all!

WTF is Wrong with that Town!?