Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quote of the day - Liberal beliefs

"There is no better illustration of the liberal belief in a benevolent government than their constant attack on individual freedoms and self-protection, particularly regarding firearms.
In liberalworld guns are not necessary because government is good, omnipresent, and protects you from harm. Until reality shows up, that is. And then the problem is a killer simply misunderstood, bullied as a child, or someother such nonsense revolving around a lack of personal responsibility for their actions."

- A commenter on a PSH'ing article that will be the subject of another post

I'm not even sure many anti-gun liberals really believe the lines they use.  All but the most ardent anti's will, if pressed, conclude that guns are good and can save lives in some situations, but they'll deny that reality in place of their "guns are bad" belief system. Surely even anti's realize that a cop can't be everywhere, yet I constantly hear that it's best to just have the cops come save you.

 That's the problem though, their beliefs don't line up with reality and thus their policies constantly fail when put up against those realities. Perhaps it's nothing more than a level of cognitive dissonance which I'm simply unable to comprehend?


Evyl Robot Michael said...

That and, they miss the point that the reason the cop has the ability to save them at all is because he has a gun. I've had conversations with my anti friends who have said in no uncertain terms, "I'm sure you're responsible enough to handle a gun. It's all those other people I'm worried about." Sadly, they've been convinced that most of 'those gun owners' are entirely too irresponsible to handle the weapons safely. It's sad that their misconceptions could be cured with a couple trips to the local gun range. I know mine were. Not that I was ever an anti, but I did once have some pretty silly ideas about what the pro-gun community was.

Mike W. said...

"I'm sure you're responsible enough to handle a gun. It's all those other people I'm worried about."

oh I've had plenty of those conversations too. In fact, that mindset is something I've actually touched on in an upcoming post. It's still sitting in drafts.

The other major point they miss is that, CCW / OC laws or not, folks are already carrying guns around them on a daily basis. I mean, It'd be trivially easy for me to throw an airweight in my pocket and carry everyday if I didn't mind breaking the law.

Weer'd Beard said...

Yep those "Other People", never seem to include the cops who haven't fired their gun in 11 months and possibly have a 180 gr bullet in the chamber that has been set so far back from constant manipulations that the powder is compressed into a mini pipe-bomb.