Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The only good Communist.....

Is a dead Communist, yet no matter how many die, the dream lives on in the hearts of millions of lefitsts and liberals (but I repeat myself)

I stopped into a little shop at the beach on Monday and felt like I was being inundated with all things Mao.  Interestingly enough, most of the Chairman Mao crap was next to the Buddah statues.

I wonder how Mao, a man who killed more people in the name of "equality" than Stalin or Hitler could've dreamed of, would feel about his likeness being sold for profit by a bunch of greedy capitalists? :)

As Alan said "Why do mass murderers always look so happy?"

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Glenn B said...

I can say without a doubt that when I go out and kill something, I always feel pretty good about it, then again I do not kill innocent people or those who differ from me politivally or religiously. Of course, when I kill something, it is meat for the table, an animal that I legally will have taken in a legal hunt. It is not a political opponent. My feeling of satisfaction and feeling good comes from knowing I have accomplished a good hunt and all that goes with it, npot just the kill. I cannot fathom what generates a smile after doing evil and continuing to do more evil by killing off your political opponents and innocents unless it is a twisted, evil and depraved ego.

All the best,