Thursday, June 14, 2012

A good trend

I'm always a bit wary when I'm OC'ing somewhere I've never been before, but as usual, it's as happily non-eventful as usual.  I stopped by a steakhouse in Hockessin, near where I used to work back in high school & college, had great salad and lobster mac & cheese as starters, and quite possibly one of the worst gourmet burgers I've ever had.*  Even bacon couldn't save it.  It still dumbfounds me how you can order something "medium" and end up with meat that has not even a bit of pink in it.

*I think the worst was a stuffed burger from the Deerpark, which I couldn't even eat.

The anti's would have you believe that I was "brandishing" my gun by OC'ing (around women & children no less!) and that I caused a scene and was rude, loud, and indignant with the waitress and staff.  I wasn't of course.  I was my usual, relatively polite self.  It must suck that their cartoonish stereotypes of us are so far off.

I can't stand it when people are rude to waitresses / waiters. It's a pet peeve of mine. I've been known to personally apologize & give extra cash for the behavior of certain uber liberal, Obama voting, vehemently anti-gun family members who routinely fail to treat wait staff decency.


NotClauswitz said...

NEVER be rude or nasty to someone who is handling your food behind closed doors, that's just BIG stupid. There's a reason why Medieval rulers had food tasters.

Tyler said...

You are lucky, I live in the Communist state of claifornia where Open Carry has been outlawed pretty much. I figure the more people in a bank who OC, the less likely it is to get robbed. OC all the way

Home on the Range said...

I was behind an old car at the intersection. The window opens and some chick starts dumping out bag after bag of fast food garbage and then speeds away. I didn't get the plate number, noting simply that she had an Obama bumper sticker which explained a lot.