Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh Wilmington....

As the sign coming into the city reads "A place to be kill someone"

Hube points out that there have been three recent shootings in this wonderfully liberal city run by anti-gun Democrats.  One of the shootings, at 10th and Pine, is a 1-2 minute walk from where I park every morning.  The News Journal says he was shot on Tuesday at 12:50 PM.  I parked my car down there only a few minutes before that on Tuesday.

This is nothing new for a city run almost entirely by liberal Democrats.  Our murder rates are some of the highest in the entire country.

Oh, but what do our politicians do to combat gun violence?  They push a bill, SB 204, to create and fund a permanent gun buyback program which will do nothing to combat violent crime in Wilmington and which will waste taxpayer money.  This, by the way, is after those same idiots have already created a Community Firearm Recovery Program at taxpayer expense.  That bill also exempts folks bringing guns to these "buybacks" from being charged with violation of CCDW laws.


Alan said...

Otherwise known as evidence disposal programs.

Mike W. said...

Exactly Alan. They want to waste my money to "get guns off the streets, while explicitly coddling and protecting criminals.

Straight from the legislative bill.

"Any individual who elects to surrender a firearm anonymously to a CFRP may do so and personal identification shall not be required to be presented at the time of redemption. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, any person participating in a CFRP shall be immune from criminal prosecution."