Thursday, July 19, 2012

Predators without guns

MSJ links to a piece discussing how easy it is to kill a man with your bare hands and then brings up the 94' assault weapons ban.  As he points out, more than twice as many people were murdered by way of hands and feet than with rifles of any kind in 2010.

That reminded me of something I wrote here long ago looking at 2007 FBI crime data, where I saw that there were more strongarm (no weapon) robberies than there were robberies with a firearm in the state of Delaware that year.

So, since I here looking at the 2007 numbers again why not look at murders with rifles vs. murders with "hands and feet" for that year, like MSJ did with the 2010 data.

In 2007 there were a total of 493 murders with a rifle.  That's any rifle, not just "assault weapons."  In 2007 a total of 854 murders were committed with hands and feet.  Not quite as stark a difference as the 2010 numbers, but still we see almost twice as many people murdered with hands and feet than murdered with rifles.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Now that has to put "Baldir Idiotson" into a pickle, doesn't it? After All, he says all we need to do to defend ourselves is use Martial Arts, which involve Hands and Feet.

Fat Bastardo said...

There is going to be a knee jerk reaction to the Batman massacre. What made Holmes go postal was not guns. He was not a gun owner.

I suspect that he was on a prescription medication similar to all the school shooters.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.