Friday, September 21, 2012

PMC .223 heads up

Cabela's is currently having a sale on PMC .223.  $5.99 / box of 20.

Use the coupon code REWARDSfree for free shipping on orders over $49.  That'll net you a case of PMC for under $300 / 1K.  Not bad.


zOrv said...

Thanks for the tip! Just ordered a bunch and saved the shipping (and the price was right)!

Glenn B said...

PMC makes darned good ammo too. I have used several calibers in the past and have bought my son their 223 ammo in the past. no problems with it, good accuracy and not too expensive. Also made in what used to be part of the US of A.

All the best,
Glenn B

Laura said...

i shared this with the man with the money in the house. :) soon you won't have to worry about'll be able to just run over there for stuff like this. :P