Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don't be "that guy"

I wouldn't have the patience to research such a lengthy post, for no other reason than an asshole like Farago isn't worth that much time.  That said, Linoge did pen type a great post about the asshole of the gunblogosphere.

I've read TTAG a few times.  It's full of stupid "gotcha" crap, "look at me!!" posts, terrible advice, and general mall ninja dumbassery.  I look at Farago as the "gunnie" version of MikeB.  Basically, if you care about the gunblogging community and gun rights in general he's not worth your time.

I've met some great people through gunblogging, and there's quite a few I'd still love to meet (Linoge and Jennifer & Mike just to name a few) But the founder of the TTAG site?  Weer'd pointed him out to me in Pittsburgh.  The dude was totally out of place, and not really involved with the general gunnie comraderie that goes on at these events.  Boy, I wonder why that is?  Anyway, the only reason I remember him is because he was the only person there who I saw and made a point to not introduce myself to.

Sometimes a person is a pox on what is otherwise a respectable bunch.  In my opinion RF is that guy.  Oh, and reading about his encounter with Emily Miller was sad.  It's almost as if the guy actively tries to be as much of a socially abrasive jerk as possible.


Anonymous said...

I stopped visitng TTAG some time ago because of RF's behavior. After reading Linoge's post, I thought I would check to see if the site was still up. My work blocked the site, which just made me grin.

Bob S. said...

I would venture to say that none of us are perfect in our behavior or deeds.

That isn't enough to cause problems but when someone like Robert Farago continually and provocatively continues to exhibit boorish behavior; then something needs to be said.

Things have been said many times and many places. Linoge just brought much of it together and laid out a very compelling case against Fargo.

Jennifer said...

We'd love to meet you too, Mike

Evyl Robot Michael said...

Jen beat me to it. We'd love to meet you too.

Linoge said...

Looking forward to eventually meeting you too! And, yeah, it is unfortunate that I had to waste the time to write this post, but given the number of people I have already reached who were unaware of the situation previously (and we are well into the double digits at the moment), I think the time was well-spent in the end. Something like this has the potential of spreading very far and very wide, but it had to be concatenated into one location first.

Thanks for the link!

Rick said...

I've communicated directly with Farago regarding a particularly offensive blog post of his... He's just as disgusting as the post he defended.

I have no doubt Farago is doing time as a gun blogger to create a history & persona as a "pro gun guy". With the ultimate intent of siding with gun banners as a 'voice of reason from your side'. The problem is, his true self leaks through in his work. This may change his long term goal from switching sides to being the bad apple that gun banners can point to. Either way, through accident or intent, he's a douche, slowly harming 2nd Amendment Rights.