Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Delaware Anti-Gun Bigots Emboldened - Guns and Mental Health

Fresh off the heals of passing HB35, the private sales ban, Beau Biden and the rest of the anti-gun leftists in my state are feeling emboldened.  They're determined to screw up this state and screw over gun owners some more.

Funny, Beau Biden is the AG.  He might want to look at our violent crime rates compared to say, PA or VA, which both have far less gun control.  Also, as AG he should know damn well where the violent crime is centered.  Hint, it's in a handful of Wilmington neighborhoods.  Take Wilmington out of the equation and Delaware's violent crime rate is more in line with deep red states in the midwest.

Biden and the rest of these morons want to require mental health professionals (including school counselors) to report "dangerous" gun owners to police.  When you live behind enemy lines it's things like this that get used punitively against average gun owners.

So here's how it'd work.  Health professional is now required by law to call the cops, cops "investigate" and refer cases to the DOJ / AG's office, DOJ then asks a judge to strip that person of their constitutional rights and confiscate their property.

If the mental health professionals are required by law to call the police, they're not going to take any chances because they'll want to cover their own asses. They'll simply institute a one size fits all policy of deferring to the police in order to protect themselves and their providers from liability. Have a Dr. who is a gun fearing wussie?  In that case simply seeking counseling and owning a gun could be enough to involve the cops?  Don't believe me?  Think about how crazy and irrational your average anti-gun person reacts to things.

There's also this great nugget for parents out there.  There are plenty of mental health professionals who would consider any interest in firearms to be defacto evidence that the child is "troubled"  And boy oh boy, lets strip citizens of their rights, without any due process, and based only upon the subjective standards of whatever "mental health professional" they're dealing with.

"In the case of a troubled child, authorities could seize any guns owned by a parent or guardian with whom the child is living."

Your kid going through some normal teenage angst and goes to a few counseling sessions?  Great.  Now the state can confiscate YOUR guns because your  kid seeked out mental health treatment.  No word yet on whether the State may seize gasoline, matches, and kitchen knives from parents with a "troubled child."
Let's say your kid is going through a rough patch.  Are you more or less likely to get the kid help if you (rightly) fear that the State will confiscate your legally owned property at gunpoint and potentially charge you with a crime?

My senior seminar class in college was "The law and popular culture."  The only graded work I had to do was a presentation and research assignment on the history of the insanity defense.  You wouldn't believe the accuracy with which "mental health professionals" historically found people "insane."

Here's the thing.  "Mental Health" isn't really a science.  It's subjective.  I remember looking at the DSM IV for that research.  Virtually everyone has a mental ilness at some point in their lives under its criteria.  Hell, who hasn't suffered from depression at some point in their life?  Are we going to take guns from anyone with ADHD?  Aspergers? etc.?

It's almost as if the anti-gun crowd wants to further stigmatize both gun ownership AND mental health and shame people in either category.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that such an approach will only exacerbate the problem lawmakers are attempting to address.  As I read this article I'm reminded of what Rand said about the government and criminals......

We have the process we do for adjudicating people mentally ill for a good reason.  Because it is an essential safeguard of our liberties.  Governments have a very long track record of using the "mental illness" label and committment to punish dissidents, silence dissent, and remove political opposition.  It would appear little Biden has a little something in common with tyrants of the past.

Biden has had a stroke.  Are we sure that doesn't make him "unfit" to own a gun?  I bet you could find a mental health professional somewhere who would say it does......

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Anonymous said...

The 1968 Gun Control Act prohibits gun ownership by anyone with a mental illness that might make him dangerous to himself or others. But now the gun grabbers want to expand the definition of "mental illness," making it so broad and vague that it can mean whatever (and include whomever) they choose.