Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quote of the Day - Senator Mike Lee

"You cannot track all gun sales without tracking all gun owners. But the government has no business monitoring constitutionally protected activity, like gun ownership, any more than it has any business tracking what books Americans read or how often they attend church."

Sen. Mike Lee (R) - Utah

Lee also points out that the so-called "gun show loophole" was originally a legitimate carve out......... Of course the anti's then attacked us from that ground we'd already ceded, as they will continue to do.

Of course anti's reading this will just say "you can't compare guns to books or religion.  Neither of those are "instruments of imminent death."


Jerome East said...

One note on comparing guns to other constitutional rights. How many deaths could be attributed to Marx and the book he wrote? How many people died because Hitlers speeches inflamed a nation? How many lives have been lost over the years because of the various wars caused by religious zealots and the way they interpreted their religious teachings?

All these activities are protected by the bill of rights, if one can be banned because it causes death then what about the rest?

Lokidude said...

With pride, I do declare "That's my Senator!"