Monday, April 8, 2013

Delaware Liberals on "Assault Weapons"

"Here is the thing about banning assault weapons. When you ban them, you ban them. You don’t let people keep them through a grandfather clause. So if you want to ban these assault weapons because no one should own them, then no one should own them. Make it a crime to possess them.
If you do that, you don’t get in trouble with clauses that might or might not establish a gun registration. "

- DelawareDem

*he was commenting on this bill, which would have required registration of weapons and made possession outright illegal unless owners came forward to register and provide proof of ownership within 120 days of the bills enactment.  Do you have proof of ownership (I.E. a bill of sale) for every single gun you own?  I'm quite certain I don't.

Oh, and Senator Robert Marshall, after getting caught, tried to claim that the registration / confiscation language in HIS bill was a mistake, that he'd introduced the wrong version of the bill.  Bullshit.  He got caught red handed looking like the leftist, gun-grabbing statist that he is and then tried to bullshit his way out of it.  What a coward.

At least folks like Delaware Dem and his buddies are honest about their disdain for gun owners and the Constitution and will come right out and say they want to confiscate my guns.  Of course this is the same violent, anti-gun bigot who in the past has said he will "always hate any and all republicans" and that "all republicans should be lined up against the wall and shot."

Funny that, someone who publicly advocates for the summary execution (by gun no less) of his political opponents wants the State to confiscate effective personal defense rifles.   You can be damn sure DelawareDem won't be the one showing up at someone's door trying to take their AR-15 by force.  Even the most outspoken and violent anti-gunners don't do that.  They're cowards, so they'll outsource the task.

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Anonymous said...

And you gotta wonder what kind of gun a hateful anti-gun bigot like this Del Dem would use to shoot those Republicans he hates so much. He probably doesn't see the irony in the whole thing.