Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Problem with Blue States

This is the problem all of us in blue states face.  Witness what just happened in Maryland.

"The vote on the bill broke down most starkly along geographical lines, with every lawmaker present from Montgomery, Prince George’s and Baltimore voting for it; almost every delegate from the western, eastern and southern parts of Maryland opposed it."

Anyone who thinks the same exact thing can't happen in their Blue state is naive as hell.  By and large these blue state democrats, particularly those in the more liberal, more urban areas of states, are about as friendly to gun owners and the RKBA as white supremacists are to blacks.  Liberal Democrats here in Delaware do not care about us, nor about those in the bottom two counties of our state.

It doesn't matter if geographically your state is red.  If you live in a state where your legislature is controlled by liberals you're screwed.  These people actively seek to do you harm.  Don't believe me?  Maryland Democrats voted down an amendment to SB281 that would have punished violent criminals who used guns in crimes.  Why?  Because gun control is about harming people like Laura & Chris, not about stopping crime or punishing actual violent criminals. 

Democrats, particularly those in the inner cities, would turn my state into Chicago if they could.  What's worse is that the huge majority of their constitutents would gleefully welcome this, as they have a bad case of battered wife syndrome.

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Anonymous said...

They're trying to turn my state into Chicago.. our batshit governor Mark Dayton said he'd consider signing gun control legislation.