Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Hampshire Non-Resident CCW changes

Effective sometime earlier this month it looks like New Hampshire will no longer issue non-resident CCW permits to anyone who does not hold a permit in their own state. The application form for non-resident permits (PDF warning) looks to have been amended recently.

It now states that a non-resident pistol license will not be issued unless you supply a copy (front and back) of your valid concealed carry license issued by the state, county or town in which you reside, or, for states that don't require permits, a letter from the police stating such.

So, if you live in an anti-gun state or jurisdiction where you can't get or don't have a permit, you're now outta luck when it comes to New Hampshire non-resident permits.

In fact, how many states are left that'll issue non-resident permits by mail to out of staters who don't have a permit in their home state?  Maine, Virginia, Florida, Connecticut and Arizona are all that come to mind.


Glenn B said...

It does not matter much does it, as a nonresident you can still open carry in NH can't you!

Anonymous said...

According to usacarry,com, these states are "shall issue" for non-resident permits: Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington. (source: )

I do not know how up-to-date their information is. I also don't know how many of these will issue to people who don't have a permit from their own state, but it's gotta be some of 'em. I'm pretty sure Utah does, since their permit is very popular, and I know that people in Maryland get it (and Maryland sucks on issuing permits).

Mike W. said...

Mdako - Actually Utah has done the same thing that NH now has. You cannot get a UT non-resident permit unless you have a permit in your home state.

In fact, that's why I got my NH and VA non-resident permits in the past year, because my UT non-res came up for renewal in late August and I couldn't renew it.

Anonymous said...

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