Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quote of the Day - The Sky in Their World

"The hallmark of a liberal if to maintain some relationship to reality even though the world doesn’t always deserve it. Operating from fear and loathing is the hallmark of conservatives."

- Cassandra M. of Delaware Liberal

If there's one thing I've learned about leftists over the years, it's that they're quite certain they operate in reality and are rational.  This is a belief that is, in itself, delusional.

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Anonymous said...

Their perception of "reality" is filtered through the prism of their prejudices. They consider a 6% unemployment rate to be "full employment," until a Republican is elected president, and then a 5.7 rate is a "recession." Then a 7-8% unemployment rate (under Obama) is "economic recovery." Other signs of "recovery" are increased gas prices and increases in insurance premiums and co-pays. And a farmer in Kansas who owns a carbine is a potential terrorist, while the Al Qaeda-linked "rebels" in Syria are "freedom fighters." And an armed robber killed in a gunfight with police is a "victim of gun violence," and a 22 year-old home invasion robber shot by a civilian in self-defense gets counted in statistics as "a child killed in a handgun accident."