Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quote of the Day - Tamara

See, what I'm talking about is that the average person didn't follow the trial. All they've heard is the news. The news told them that this is what happened:
Zimmerman sees Martin, calls cops, calls Martin the n-word, is ordered to stay in car, disobeys direct orders from Mr. Policeman, gets out of car, chases down Martin, lays hands on him, starts altercation, and shoots Martin after frightened Martin punches him.
The average person thinks that the jury WAS PRESENTED WITH THOSE FACTS AND STILL VOTED NOT TO CONVICT. If I thought that was what happened, I'd be pissed, too.
Hell, given the case as it was initially presented in the media, I was pretty harsh on George, too; it wasn't until I saw the actual physical evidence: Photos of Zimmerman's injuries and, most importantly, the timeline and transcripts of the NEN call, that I fully came around to my present position."

- Tam - In comments to her post about Bill Whittle's take on Zimmerman

This.  This is pretty much exactly what many folks believe.  Well that and the "fact" that Zimmerman is an evil racist.  I and many readers know this isn't the case, because we are well informed, but the average person who just followed this on CNN from time to time?

Later in her comment Tam talks about what her initial reaction was to this case, before she'd examined the evidence.  I'm with her, when I first heard about it, filtered through the liberal media I didn't support Zimmerman at all, because from initial accounts it sounded like he'd murdered an innocent teen in cold blood.

The influence of the MSM is waning, but a lot of people still base their knowledge off of the few soundbites they hear on TV.  Just watch, a month from now there will be people who will insist that the Navy Yard murderer mowed people down with an AR-15 he purchased without a background check at a gun show......despite none of that being true.  Heck, despite the truth, despite the evidence, despite the acquittal, my leftist roommate will probably go to his grave absolutely convinced that George Zimmerman was and is an evil, murdering, racist.

I still remember the first time my mom saw the AR-15 she shot.  Her first words were "it looks scary"  The media drills bullshit narratives into people's heads by repeating lies over and over, and they take hold unless they are countered.  After she shot it for the first time it was "This is FUN. It doesn't kick at all.  I don't see what the big deal is?"  Complete 180.


Anonymous said...

The MSM are fixated on the AR-15. If they were covering a traffic accident, they would report a rumor that an AR-15 rifle was somehow involved.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone believe the media anymore? They repeatedly showed Zimmerman's mug shot next to a photo of Martin that was taken when he was about 13. They repeatedly showed a video of LAPD cops beating up Rodney King, but edited out the earlier part, which showed King attacking a cop. They refer to a 5.8% unemployment rate as a recession and a 7% unemployment rate as economic recovery, depending on whether they like whoever is president at the time. They falsely report that an AR-15 was used in the Navy shipyard shooting. They count Tamerlan Tsarnaev as a "victim of gun violence." Yeesh.