Friday, March 7, 2014

Quote of the Day - Phallic

"yes, because what we should have in this country is every SINGLE person required to carry a gun hanging out like a phalic symbol and let's just forget the law, because we all hate law enforcement (except when we need them) so let's just return to vigilante justice in this country!!! sure! because we know that guns don't kill people, just people pulling the trigger on guns kills people. so, i get it, you carry a gun and i carry a gun and if you piss me off, i just wait for you to walk by my house, i shoot you and then i claim stand my ground! Right;?! people who want unlimited gun ownership and carrying in public and blood-thirsty ghouls, obviously NOT christian (unless Jesus carried a gun-you'll correct if i'm wrong), and won't be happy until this country is covered in blood. the second amendment does NOT guarantee unlimited gun usage, but the right wing, sick ba**tards who feel they have to have a gun to make themselves feel like men(women) and couldn't POSSIBLY find another way to solve a problem, choose to interpret it that way. well, if i ever meet you, and i piss you off, just to let me know, your gun won't impress me nor frighten me. i think anyone who has to have a gun to boost their ego, is pathetic. peace will out and those of us who believe that people should not use violence to stop violence, will endure...the meek will inherit the earth. who said that?(yes, i know the answer)"

A comment to this article

I like this quote from a nasty anti-gunner because it hits on virtually every anti-gun talking point, every bigoted stereotype, shoot em up wild west falsehoods.  Republican hate, SYG hate, etc. etc. etc.  I love the "if I ever meet you, your gun won't impress me nor frighten me"  It's almost cute how vociferously the anti tries to reassure herself.

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Anonymous said...

Freud said that people who hate guns see them as phallic symbols, and that hoplophobia was a symptom of sexual immaturity. But anti-gun fanatics "choose to interpret" his theory as the exact opposite. Just as they "choose to interpret" Stand-Your-Ground laws as giving trigger-happy vigilantes an unrestricted license to kill. Facts and logic never get in the way of their hysterical fantasies.