Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Quote of the Day - Jews in the Attic

This tends to bring Joe’s “Jews in the Attic Test” concept into sharp relief, since people are already talking about rounding up gun owners, calling them murderers, and wanting to hang them from their toes or worse. That sounds exactly like what was being said about Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, the disabled and other “undesirables” in Germany in the ’20s and ’30s.

And there is a direct, straight-line ideological connection between Progressives of today and German National Socialists of the early 20th century who got many of their ideas from American Progressives. Never forget it. Hillary, for one, proudly calls herself an “early 20th century Progressive”.

If you’re really considered a murderer and a piece of shit, there’s no limit to what the accusers will do to you if given the chance and the backing of their peers. You are sub human AND you are a threat and an impediment to the glorious system of equality and justice that the Marxists believe in with what can only be described as a religious fervor.

These are the Useful Idiots– an army of zombies carefully and painstakingly bred through decades of social engineering. They are the victims of psychological warfare. As though having been bitten by the master vampire, they now lust for your blood and they are under his control.

-Lyle - Commenting at Joe's.

THIS.  There are people who wish for me to be robbed, murdered, shot etc.  There are those who genuinely profess a desire for me to commit suicide (only by gun of course)  The ones who dehumanize me, who say I have no empathy, who claim I want to see children dead, all because I support the defense and exercise of a constitutional right. Yes, they treat us this way because of our stance on a right and not because of religion or ethnicity, but it is bigotry nonetheless.

These people, who gleefully call for such violence against people like myself, support the vast majority of the policies of the "Progressive" movement of last century.  Pre-Nazi Germany was one of the most advanced, civilized places in Europe.  The dehumanizing and disarmament of an entire class of people, along with constant propaganda from the media and leaders was all it took to condition people to hold hatred and bigotry for Jews in their hearts.  Useful idiots can be easily conditioned to hate the "scapegoat." Hatred is a dangerous emotion.  That is as true today as it was in Post-Weimar Germany.

Frankly, the hatred and bigotry towards gun owners IS waning.  In large parts of the U.S.A. we are winning.  In others however the bigotry is so thick that you could cut it with a knife.  Jay G. had a post (I can't find it for the life of me right now) about how some of the folks at his old job in MA treated him upon his departure, when they found out they'd been working along side one of *those people* I.E. GASP.....an evil, NRA loving, baby killin' raaaaaaaaacist gun owner.  It was disheartening, but not at all surprising.  If you live in a blue state and are pro-gun, you will have people who will react this way to you.  I've had it happen myself.  There was a woman I've known since I was a kid, who dated my best friend all through high school, who I've always gotten along with.  I post one thing after Sandy Hook on facebook and suddenly she is attacking me like I'm the most despicable person in the world.  Her older sister also jumped in and did the same, before unfriending me (good riddance!)

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Uh, time to check the Spam Filter, Mike.

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about all those Haters who want you and me to DIE just because we use Life-Saving Tools. Because those same Asshats would have to use a Firearm to get at us, and that would put them in the same category as US. And I don't think they'll ever get enough Votes to send their Gestopo Thugs after us, because that would mean that they Won the Civil War that they started, and I just don't think they'll ever be able to pull it off. After all, WE FIGHT BACK.