Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sign of the Times

To paraphrase something my father said recently  "When even I'm thinking It'd be a good idea to have a gun you know things are going to shit in this country."  This was, of course, followed by statements of his that reminded me that, in my opinion, he lacks the temperament and maturity to be a responsible gun owner.

That said, when someone like my father is listening to Obama's response to radical Islamic terrorism and thinks "Gun control?!  Obama thinks gun control is going to keep Americans safe?!  These were terrorists!  They were building bombs in their garage for crying out loud" My father is not and has never been what anyone would call pro-gun.  I have to imagine that a huge portion of America looks at Obama's response to ISIS and they think he is feckless, weak, and dangerous.  A complete and utter joke of a man who deliberately misunderstands the threat.

Now, I also think that some people flat out shouldn't own guns.  There are perhaps 3-4 people I've known in my life who could legally buy a gun but whom I think have no business owning or carrying one.  One of the folks on that short list is my father.  One is someone who already owns and carries a gun, and the other two are hardcore leftists who I doubt will ever show interest in gun ownership.  I could write a whole other post on that subject.

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