Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Anti-gunners are violent - Example # I've lost count

"If we put a bounty on dead gun nuts, the NRA would disappear in a month. And bounties are totally traditionally American, aren’t they?"


Of course this is the same violent, anti-rights, bigoted woman who once wrote this, in absolute seriousness, about NRA members.

"hmm, maybe there's someway these folks can be murdered, or better yet, their family members harmed." 

Given that anti-gunners so often profess to want us dead or at least physically harmed, is it any wonder that they want so badly to disarm us?


Anonymous said...

But who would they send to collect the bounties? Unarmed dope smoking hippies?

Sabre22 said...


Anonymous said...

Kavips is a repulsive creature. Like most anti-gun people, she projects her own violent tendencies onto peaceful gun owners.

Linoge said...

Ah, yes, that hate-filled, violence-endorsing site... Is Guy Cabot still harassing people there?

Mike W. said...

No idea linoge. I actually came across that in a google search.