Thursday, July 17, 2008

More "Trashy" Gun Girls

I guess certain Delaware folks who think of pro-gun women as "trashy" probably don't think too highly of this little girl, Mckenzie. I never get tired of that AR-15 video. Her excitement says it all.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I just lost my lunch reading their garbage. I guess since they don't think we have the right to buy 20 guns a month, others don't have the right to call them on it. I guess we shouldn't have the right to buy more than X amount of alcohol, we don't have the right to buy a new car because we bought one 6 months ago, oh, and we don't have the right to inhale breath more than 20 times in a minute.

How can one argue with such lunacy?

Nice blog, you gun loving FREAK! ;)

BobG said...

That video always cheers me up.

AnonymousOpinion said...

I'm neither white nor trashy, but I do like to fire a gun at the range when I get the chance. I don't own yet as they tend to be kind of expensive and my preferred .45 revolver wouldn't quite fit in my purse should I ever get a non-resident Florida cc permit.

I think everyone should know how to handle a gun safely and be able to shoot one properly.

I agree that this is very important for women. I have been followed before by men in stores who weren't being nice or saying "hi" but following me for no good reason. Had I been clueless about my surroundings and allowed myself to be followed to my car alone by said stalker, he would have had the advantage and I would be just another victim.

Μολὼν λαβέ, I say. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama doesn't agree on that, even for people who have restraining orders, and may have been victims in the past.